Your vaping experience is highly influenced by the quality and features of the battery you use for your mod. Different batteries are suitable for different vapers and it is, therefore, not very easy to come up with a list of the best 18650 batteries for vape mods. However, there are some features of batteries that will make your vaping experience amazing if you get the right battery for your vaping style. These include a high current rating, high capacity, low operating temperature, and high voltage when running.

A high current rating enables the battery to run at a high current without overheating while a high capacity enables the battery to run for a long time without running out of charge. These two features are mutually exclusive, thus making it impossible to find a battery that is both high capacity and high current rated. A high current rated battery needs frequent recharging while a high capacity battery cannot run at high currents. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what you are after when making a choice between these two types of batteries.

Cool running temperatures are important for a safe vape. An overheated battery can burst or vent, damaging your mod and possibly even injuring the user. Even if it does not get to such extremes, the high temperatures can damage your battery and this will be costly as you will need to replace it more often. A high voltage when running means that more vapor is created when vaping but the amount of current drawn from the battery still remains low. While information about the current rating and the capacity of a battery can be gotten from the battery, getting information about the voltage is not very easy. The battery has to be tested for you to be able to get information about its voltage.Considering all the above factors, below is a list of the top 5 18650 batteries for vape mods.


The LG HG2 has a capacity of 3000mAh and a current rating of up to 20A.3000mAh is the highest capacity in the range of batteries that can run at 20A and above. The battery has a very good combination of specs, especially considering the fact that the battery can run at slightly higher than 20A. However, it is advisable to follow the given current rating. The fact that it can run at higher than 20A helps in case your mod is faulty and won’t go off when you need to turn it off. It will also help prevent your mod from overheating. The LG HG2 also runs at moderate temperatures and a decent voltage when running. It is the best 18650 battery for vape mods.

Samsung 25R

The Samsung 25R also has a current rating of up to 20A but a slightly lower capacity of 2500mAh.What this means is that in an hour, you can draw 2500mA from the battery. The voltage when running is good and the operating temperature is low to moderate depending on the mod setting used. The battery is very similar to the LG HG2 in terms of its features, the only difference between them being the capacity.

Sony VTC4

The Sony VTC4 has a current rating of up to 30A, making it a great choice for those who vape at slightly higher settings but for a short while. Its capacity is 2100mAh, making it a poor choice for anyone who usually vapes for long as it requires more frequent recharging. However, if you vape at a lower current, it can last for a decent amount of time. Its running temperatures are moderate and the voltage when running is good.


The LG HD2 also has a current rating of up to 30A but its capacity is slightly lower than the Sony VTC4 at 2000mAh. It has moderate running temperatures and a good voltage when running. Apart from the slight difference in capacity, its performance is almost the same as that of the Sony VTC4.


The LG HB6 is the best choice for those who prefer to vape at very high settings as it has a current rating of above 30A. However, you cannot use it for too long if you vape at a very high setting as its capacity is only 1500mAh. Even at very high settings, the running temperatures are low and the voltage while running is high.


Be careful when choosing a battery for your vape mod, taking into consideration your vaping style so that you know exactly what features you need in a battery. Using the list of the top 5 18650 batteries for vape mods as a guide when looking for a battery will make your work much easier.Although price is also an important thing to consider, do not worry too much about it. A high-quality battery will serve you for at least a year before you need to replace it and will give you a better and safer vaping experience, so it will be worth the price you paid.