Depend On LG Quality For Vaping Batteries – The HD2

LG is one of the most dependable and reliable names in electronics, and their LG HD2 18650 battery is no exception. 18650 batteries are the staple of the vaping world, providing the power for some of the best-known brands, and allowing users to shop around for different makes of batteries in order to find the most efficient and the most effective for their device.

Battery capacity is hugely important, especially for heavy vapers, as you want one that can keep your device powered all day without need to recharge at any point. LG’s reliability extends to its 18650 battery in this department, and the HD2 is extremely reliable, even for heavy vapers.

LG is also a name you can rely on for safety, and you can be sure that your vaporizer will not be overheating with the HD2 18650 battery in your device.

Basic specifications

The LG HD2 18650 is a lithium ion battery and has a discharge rating of 25 amps. This is a substantial amount of power for even some of the more advanced vape mods, and is perfect for those vapers who enjoy creating big clouds of vapor.

This battery has an impressive 2000 mAh, or milliamps per hour; most vaping batteries are identified by their mAh capacity, as it is an easy way to identify and understand its capacity, allowing the consumer to make judgements about whether it is going to hold enough power for their own vaping habits.

2000 mAh should be more than enough to keep even heavy vapers fully charged all day, and the LG HD2 18650 is fully rechargeable, allowing you to start all over again the next day.

While the LG HD2 18650 is far from the top battery on the market in terms of capacity and current, it does have a lot to offer vapers; it is reliable, safe and dependable, and provides more than enough power for even heavy vapers. LG is a well-known name in electronics for a reason, and you can be sure that this will be a reliable battery for your vaping device.

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