Samsung 25R

Improvements in batteries happen all of the time. Samsung recently unveiled its replacement for its blue rechargeable batteries and so far the news is good. The most obvious change is that the Samsung 25R 18650 is green compared to the blue of the older model, but there are a number of other changes.

The biggest change is that the battery last longer, with the ability to be recharged 250 times before it begins to show any serious dip in power.

This makes it better overall than the battery it is replacing, as it means a better overall battery life as well than its predecessor.

The key to the change is that there is a slight chemical tweak. The key to the Samsung 25R 18650 is its nickel oxide nano-cubes; these provide a structure that is reinforced by the addition of a little more fluoroethylene carbonate.

The blue batteries are 3% of the FEC by volume of the battery, while the green batteries are 5%.

This means that the battery not only lasts longer but that it also has much longer until it even begins showing a dip in power between recharge cycles. This also means that the new batteries have a little extra charge compared to the old batteries as well.

Combined with a few other tweaks this means that the battery is able to power devices with a little more efficiency and that they can do so for a longer period of time. For the average consumer this means that they will not need to replace the batteries as often and that they may actually notice a slight advantage in the speed and overall function of the devices that are powered by the Samsung 25R 18650.

This makes the new batteries a better and cheaper power source for a wide variety of devices from toys to phones, making them a great replacement for their predecessors.

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