Enhance Your Vaping Experience With The Sony VTC4 18650 Battery

Manufacturers of e-cigarettes spare no effort to launch new models almost on a monthly basis. Every month or so, one company or the other launches a new model, more efficient than their previous models.

Each of them, especially those manufactured by reputed brands, goes through a rigorous test process, before the manufacturer launches them. This ensures that users get top quality vaping experience.

Obviously, the e-liquid and other components also play a major role in providing total satisfaction to the vaper. However, the manufacturers, despite their technical skills and state of the art manufacturing equipment, have no option apart from sourcing certain parts, such as the battery, from other manufacturers.

The lithium ion battery is the driving force behind the e-cig and the number of puffs you can enjoy before recharging the battery depends on its brand and build.

Poor brand battery

Some manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, in an attempt to cut costs, source unbranded and low quality batteries manufactured in third world countries. Apart from lasting less than they should per charge, they might also cause the e-cig to malfunction.

There have been cases of the e-cig blasting up and injuring the smoker seriously because of this. Instead of taking a risk, replace the battery that came with your e-cig and replace it with 18650 Sony VTC4.

Boasting a 4.5 star rating on popular online stores, this flat top lithium ion battery with a nominal discharge capacity of 2500mAh (milliamp hour), discharge of 20A, and a rated voltage of 3.6V, provides you with the maximum number of puffs per charge, and can be recharged 1,000 times, is your e-cig’s best friend.

In fact, happy users say that they were able to get 20 draws even after the display on their vape mods showed 0% charge. Available in green and blue colors, they are great for vaping. Why do you not try the 18650 Sony VTC4 today?

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